Get to Know our 2023 Speakers

Our mystery shopping experts bring decades of experience in the mystery shopping industry and are eager to share that knowledge with you. Come learn from the best!

Carey Medina

Carey Medina
Senior Vice President, Ipsos

Carey began her career as a mystery shopper. With over 15 years of global mystery shopping execution experience, she now leads the Field Operations team at Ipsos. She’s passionate about helping others start their mystery shopping journey and grow their business.

Sarah Lehman

Sarah Lehman
Vice President, Ipsos

Sarah has 15+ years of experience in the mystery shopping and customer experience industry. At Ipsos, she works with clients to design mystery shopping programs and helps them analyze the data. She is passionate about helping her clients build their brand equity through ensuring the proper execution of customer satisfaction and experience ideals.​

Tony Medina

Tony Medina
Senior Field Manager, Ipsos

With a passion for understanding consumer behavior and market trends, I have dedicated the past six years of my career to working in the market research industry. As a Senior Field Manager, I am responsible for leading a team of Field Coordinators and managing all aspects of field operations. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and travel. I’m a foodie; I enjoy trying new restaurants and cuisines.

"I enjoyed every minute of the entire experience. Thank you all so much for hosting such an informative event for us. My absolute favorite session was the one on Route Shopping as that is currently my main focus and I greatly appreciate all of the valuable advice, tips and tricks that were shared."

-Tina, Talking Shop 2022 in Atlanta, GA

"The best thing was being able to meet everyone. I was able to gain and hopefully share some ideas with others. I’m looking forward to more events."

-Talking Shop 2022 in Atlanta, GA

Robin Hansen
Director, Wordsmith Pros

Diana Paone
Senior Field Manager, Ipsos

Diana has been in the MS industry 17 years and currently manages several projects in the retail, banking, foodservice and gas & oil space. In her free time, she volunteers at an animal rescue.​

Jennifer Novak
Field Coordinator, Ipsos

Jennifer has been in the Mystery Shopping industry for 10 years, and working on the Ipsos Operations team for two years. She manages projects in oil & gas, retail, and financial services.

Grow your mystery shopping business with us.

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